Loft And Attic Conversions

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Finding extra space in a house may be difficult. With those of you who have a space in the upper part of your house, count yourself lucky. Building a attic is not too hard to do and is surprisingly cheap, and can add value to your property if you plan on selling in the future. Think of it as a place to read, a new bedroom, study or place to reflect. You can even change to a source of income. The possibilities are huge. Royale Conversions – Only The Best 

loft and attic conversions

Building Permits

  • For conversions, it is generally accepted that you do not have to allow for building permits as long as it meets certain requirements. The volume of the house can not change, which means that the building will not increase in size. You can not build anything above the current roof, such as a dormant, a structure with a window. Make sure your home is not listed or on a list of maintenance. If it is, your home must be taken over by the local preservation society before work can begin. To be sure, always contact your local planning office to make sure you do not need a license.

Roof Construction

  • Before deciding to build, make sure that the roof of your home allows a decent amount of space. Measure your roof from the highest vacant point in your cage on the floor. If it measures less than 7 1/2 feet, you will not have enough space to build. Take a look at the beams in your roof as well. If there is a rafter roof, no support, you will need to add additional support to keep the weight of the building work. A truss roof is easily converted.


  • Space for a staircase, you need to find room to fit one in for access to your conversion loft. According to most construction regulations, a fully functional and solid staircase is required for access to the loft conversion. Already existing ladders in the loft do not count as a suitable replacement for a real staircase. If you use the cage for commercial purposes, you’ll only have to turn it into a staircase. If the cage is for your own personal use, it is still recommended, as building regulators can hit you with a fine if a conversion is not considered safe. Contact your local government for your specific area regulation.

Types of Loft Conversions

A converted room  can be a nice addition to any house but before getting started, you have to decide what kind best suits you.


Born in France, the Mansard conversion includes both a 72 degree slope and a slight slope that tends to be displayed horizontally.


An excellent extension usually near the back of the house, this conversion adheres to the roof slope and is often seen as one of the smaller additions available in loft conversions.

Hip to Gable

The hip to Gable conversion may require important changes and the building up of the gable wall to the rule ridge. This is best used where a hip roof does not allow enough head room on the inside.


The conversion of a Velux is an eco-friendly way to light your home by installing windows as part of the roof. This is an abbreviation sky lighting or roof windows.


With the right amount of planning and budgeting, your loft can make a great addition to any home. But not only can you extend a loft conversion of the higher levels of your home, but also increase your natural beauty as seen with sky lights.

Attic Conversion Ideas

Additional rooms provide a quiet vacation from the world below as well designed. A loft conversion adds space and value to your home, especially if it contains an additional bedroom or bathroom. This extra space can also be converted into offices, games rooms and many other types of rooms. Be aware of and follow the rules and regulations regarding  construction and remodeling before starting a building project from your city.

Second level

Add a mezzanine level to release space in a loft. If possible, get rid of most of the ceiling to make room for an additional space that can even be used as a bedroom.

Storage & space saving

Space can be restricted in the top room, so you need to think about storage. Choose furniture that doubles as storage medium, such as ottomans with interior compartments and beds with built-in drawers underneath. Sofa beds Add room for guests with an if not enough room for an extra bedroom.

Outdoor space

When the cage opens onto a flat roof over another part of the building, you can use it for a roof garden. If that is not the case, there is room to add a deck or a small balcony.


Windows are an important consideration in loft spaces because the highest point in a building is exposed to the most light and heat, without isolating the attic of an attic space. Try adding heat-reflecting windows to keep the temperature stable. Add window cover that effectively insulates and lightly block.


Modern furniture is a popular choice if you want to feel open space. Or create a cozy, comfortable loft with more traditional furniture. Any style of decor can work as long as you do not overdo it. A few well-chosen items are best to keep a loft of feeling limited.

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