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We cover Exeter and the surrounding areas for all you conversion needs. We work from Exmouth right up to Barnstaple. We provide conversions to refurbishments and domestic & commercial projects. Royale Conversions is your one-stop shop for all your conversion needs. Contact us today for the best prices in the West Country

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We cover most major cities and towns in Cornwall aswell as all the surrounding areas. For all you loft building needs. Find Our Contractors in Plymouth for Domestic and Commercial projects In Devon and Cornwall. Contact Royale Conversions for a competitive quote TODAY! You will not be disappointed.

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GUIDE FOR THE LOFT CONVERSION In the renovation of an old building thereby offers the opportunity to create more living space by a roof extension. Well prepared and planned, such a construction is less expensive than the construction of a corresponding flat. Because what makes the new building in many areas unaffordable, is scarce, expensive land. So why not use existing reserve land to build close to town and inexpensive? A loft conversion is very low in comparison with land prices and construction costs. In addition, there are many subsidy funds available for this construction project.Royale Conversions provide help and advice for Exeter Loft Conversion projects aswell as projects in the entire West Country. Exeter Attic Conversions | Bristol Loft Conversions | Plymouth Loft Convertors Increasing energy efficiency is the focus. Modernization willing to benefit once more favorable interest rates and grant. Proper insulation comfortable climate in the attic Often between the rafters an insulation already installed - which is too weak to provide housing quality. Who would not completely replace the common rafter insulation, can easily "retrofitted". Reference is made ​​to the underside of the rafters or on an already existing lining a counter battens attached. In the interstices of these battens insulation or Dämmfilze be placed. Precise work is mandatory, otherwise cold spots occur. Even experienced professionals should seek the advice of an expert. Next, the structure is clad as desired with plasterboard or dressed with wood profiles. And already the new roof space is ready and visually presentable. Roof Space Not every roof is equally suitable for living. More than half the floor space a space of at least 2.30 meters should have. Early on, it is also to determine whether the layout should be done with solid walls, or whether wall panels meet. From dark attics can be relatively quickly and easily create light-filled living areas. Dormers and skylights are of considerable importance. Who relies on dormers, gaining primarily more space in the room. This is advantageous, especially for small attic rooms and a low knee wall - if the roof slopes are already starting just above the floor. Alternatively, offer skylights with special curb flashing. The window is around ten percent steeper than the roof - additional space is gained. Dormers change the appearance of the roof space and the architecture of the house itself. In addition, the installation of vertical window is possible also in the attic. Dormers are available in various forms: From towing and flat dormers, and peaked or triangular dormers to widely swinging bat dormers. It should be noted that most dormers unlike skylights require approval. If a solar collector will be built on the roof, so it should be noted that despite dormers still leave enough roof area for their installation. SkyLights The biggest advantage of skylights is up to three times more energy efficient. While the roof and side walls of the dormer obstruct light, rooms with skylights of daylight are flooded. Rule of thumb: the skylight should take more than half the width of the living room in their total width. It can be arranged side by side as generous cassettes the window above the other and. To get a good view from the loft, the lower window edge should be as close above the floor. The higher are the window, the brighter the room. So-called over First glazings offer a boundless sky view. Heat protection and ventilation options Experts advise to a sufficient heat protection be ensured, since the sun during the day mostly impinges perpendicularly on the skylight. An interesting aspect offer skylights also by the different ventilation options. Pivot windows have the advantage of a very fine regulation of the supply of fresh air in contrast to conventional windows. Depending on the opening flows down cold air through the lower ventilation gap and warm air up and out. And: Even when it rains the roof space remains dry.

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